Molly Soda tour: Your Progress Will be Saved

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Molly Soda

Tour with Molly Soda, 29 July–28 October 2020, free entry

Molly Soda is a Brooklyn based visual artist whose work is inspired by internet culture, cyberfeminism and the bridge between virtual and real worlds. Relive her guided tour of LaTurbo Avedon’s virtual installation, Your Progress Will Be Saved on YouTube.

Discover visually stunning environments with poignant messages

Based within Fortnite Creative, Your Progress Will Be Saved is an adventure world created to be explored. It probes our relationships with multiuser digital spaces and raises philosophical questions about our relationship with virtual worlds. Starting within the familiar surroundings of an apartment, you follow the character as they dive deeper into the rabbit hole and discover visually stunning environments with poignant messages.

LaTurbo Avedon, the creator of the piece, is an avatar artist whose work exists solely on the internet. Their work explores the practise of non-physical identity and authorship as well as the changing relationship we have to virtual realms, as they develop.

Molly Soda gave her take on Your Progress Will Be Saved live on Twitch and YouTube, guiding viewers on a virtual tour of this digital environment.

The artwork is the first in a series of online works, inspired by the possibilities of The Factory, MIF’s future home. For more events and pieces visit the Virtual Factory website.


Tour with Molly Soda

29 July–28 October 2020
Free entry