The Storyhunters Take Flight at The Storybarn

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
The Storybarn

The Storyhunters Take Flight, 31 May–16 July 2017, from £4.00 - Book now

What better location for the only interactive story centre for children in the region than Liverpool’s 94-acre rolling Calderstones Park – home to ancient standing stones reported to be older than Stonehenge and the famed 1000 year old ancient Allerton Oak Tree.

Quite frankly if that doesn’t get your imagination flowing we don’t know what to do with you. But, luckily, The Storybarn does.

This brand new storytelling Shangri La is a place to fire small people’s imaginations through theatrical experiences, books and tales from the talented team at The Reader organisation (and their believe in the model of “shared reading” to bring people together and have a positive impact on wellbeing).

The Storyhunters Take Flight is an indoor and outdoor adventure which is a theatrical and literary experience in one as families are challenged to become “storyhunters” and immersed in a world of literary yarns, song and craft exploits in the glorious Storybarn building itself and the park outside in the hunt for “story clues”.

Featuring stunning sets for live reading (from “Storysharers”) which include a robot and hot air balloon plus a two-storey enchanting tree and a story slide that transports you outside, we love that if the kids are busting with ideas for stories of their own or are just starting to discover books, the Storyhunters sessions help fire imagination, inspire confidence and, importantly, find magic in our everyday world.

The StoryBarn

Leave time for the Reader café, Ice Cream Parlour and to run free in the park with its botanical gardens and lake.

Storyhunters sessions run every Friday, Saturdays and Sundays with additional sessions in the school holidays. Advance booking necessary.

The Storyhunters Take Flight

31 May–16 July 2017
From £4.00