Su Yu Hsin – もり Mori (2020) – Online with Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

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Su Yu Hsin – もり Mori (2020) – Online with Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
Su Yu Hsin, film still of もりMori (2020). Image courtesy of the artist.

Su Yu Hsin – もり Mori (2020), online, 25–31 March 2021, free entry - Visit now

Su Yu Hsin’s もり Mori is a three-channel video installation that looks at the relationships between communities, folklore and nature. The work investigates the confluence of ecologies with place-based affectivities in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

The title of the three chapters, “守(to protect)”、“森(forest)”、“杜(spirit)” are different in shapes and meaning, yet all pronounced as “Mori” in Japanese.

Karst cave, groundwater, the soils, villager, burning mountain ritual, scientist, Buyō dancer, majestic oak and forests, the work questions the ways of contemplating nature through rituals and folklores, and how landscapes have been historically constructed. Conceptualizing Dan Graham’s installation “Two-way Mirror Triangular Pavilion with Shoji Screen” as diffractive model of the work, もり Mori sees landscape as process and inner mechanism, which is defined by our detached vision and interpreted by our bodymind. It is a panorama which continuously changes as we move along any route.

Watch the work on the CFCCA website between 25th – 31st of March.

Su Yu Hsin – もり Mori (2020), online

25–31 March 2021
Free entry