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Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Manchester Taxi Tours

Manchester Taxi Tours at Manchester Cathedral, Cathedral Quarter, Until 30 June 2022 - Book now

Black cabs are a defining feature of British roads, however, a ride in John Consterdine’s electric cab with a panoramic sunroof, is unlike any taxi journey you’ve known. Join John for a Manchester Taxi Tour, one of the most personal and tailor made tours Manchester has to offer. Not only have the tours won awards, they’re gaining ever increasing popularity among visitors and locals alike.

Dialogue between guests and guide creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in the cab.

John is the only fully qualified black cab driver and Blue Badge holding tour guide in the city, giving him a unique perspective into the city’s culture. Each tour is tailor made depending on your interests, whether you’re a fan of football, music, the industrial revolution or architecture, John knows all the cultural landmarks, hidden gems and unexpected stories that make up these histories. You can also explore how rapidly Manchester is changing and how the rate of development affects local people. No matter where you end up, you can be sure to walk away with a solid sense of the city’s past, present and where it may end up in the future.

As group numbers are small and limited to the capacity of the taxi, it gives you a chance to ask the questions you may not be able to in a larger touring group. This dialogue between guests and guide creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in the cab and helps you feel as if you’ve really got to know the personality of Manchester.

Expect decadence and luxury from this sweet treat.

Last summer, John added a new tour to his collection. Those who want to combine a taxi tour with a sweet treat can now incorporate an afternoon cream tea in their experience. The pastries, cakes and chocolates are supplied by Slattery, the renowned Pâtissier and Chocolatier. Expect decadence and luxury from this sweet treat, while you cruise through the northern metropolis.

Over the lockdowns John started posting daily videos on the Manchester Taxi Tour social media channels. Each one is a snapshot of a certain part of the city, sharing with followers an interesting, place, fact or story. They give a flavour of what you can expect on a full tour, whilst being free and accessible from home for those who may find that easier to access.

Prices vary between tours, contact John through the Manchester Taxi tour website for specific details as well as to discover the full range of tours on offer.

Manchester Taxi Tours at Manchester Cathedral, Cathedral Quarter

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