Heartseed Totem Binding Workshop

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
via Leeds Inspired

Heartseed Totem Binding Workshop at Left Bank Leeds, Leeds, 15 September 2021 - Book now

Burley is one of the most exciting suburbs in Leeds at the moment. It is a home for creatives, activists, conversationalists and event makers. At the beating heart of Burley and fuelling its culture and community, is the Left Bank. Inside the beautiful Grade II listed building you will find a booming programme of projects, artistic initiatives and creative events. Their aim is to build and maintain communities through art and as part of this work they’ve started a weekly Wednesday craft workshop. One Wednesday that has caught our attention is a heartseed totem binding workshop.

a space to be entirely present, calm and focused with intention

Totems are symbols or emblems for intentions. They feature in many cultures and can be used to physically represent a change in life or change in mentality. They can be made out of anything but often involve natural materials or significant objects.

Expect the session to be as spiritual as it is crafty, as there will be plenty of space for gatherings or words and time for reflection. It’s designed to be an extension of Diane Shillito’s exhibition Garden of Lost and Found. Both the exhibition and totem making aim to reduce stress and anxiety, giving you a space to be entirely present, calm and focused with intention, rather than feeling as though larger forces are overpowering you.

In this workshop you will bind your own totem using natural objects. Although there will be materials provided, you are invited to bring any natural elements that you would like to include in your own Totem. Perhaps a broken stick or branch, dried flowers or foliage that you can personalise your totem with. You will be invited to share the intention behind your totem. This could be a change you’re wanting to make or a thought you’re wanting to share.

The session will end with a short meditation where you’ll be able to have a moment of quiet personal reflection before walking away with your totem, ready to live out your intentions.

Heartseed Totem Binding Workshop at Left Bank Leeds, Leeds

15 September 2021 6:30 pm