Boiler Room: Streaming from Isolation

Johnny James, Managing Editor
Mall Grab

Boiler Room: Streaming from Isolation, online, 25 May–30 June 2020, free entry - Visit now

If you’re an electronic music fan and you miss watching your favourite DJ’s perform live, Boiler Room’s Streaming from Isolation series is here to see you through the lockdown.

For a decade, Boiler Room have been champions of the electronic underground, creating windows into scenes and sounds from every corner of the globe. The lockdown hasn’t changed that. Multiple nights a week, they’re hosting livestreamed sets from DJ’s in their homes and private spaces. Our highlights so far have included Mall Grab, Four Tet, Helena Hauff and Bradley Zero, but there’s something to suit every taste.

You get a couple of days’ notice as to who’s going to feature – for the latest updates, keep your eye on the Boiler Room website. If you do miss anything, then don’t panic as all transmissions get archived on Boiler Room’s YouTube channel. A nice touch for live viewers is that there’s an option to donate to The Global FoodBanking Network, who are providing emergency food and support to people locked in poverty at this time.

While Streaming from Isolation isn’t quite the same as the club experience, it’ll definitely scratch an itch for those missing live electronic music.

Boiler Room: Streaming from Isolation, online

25 May–30 June 2020
Free entry