Louise West: Aevum at Mura Ma

Maja Lorkowska, Exhibitions Editor
Carpet Hog, 20x20cm, Louise West
Carpet Hog, 20 x2 0cm, Louise West

Louise West: Aevum at Mura Ma, 13 April–20 May 2023, free entry - Visit now

Mura Ma’s latest exhibition Aevum showcases they work of Louise West, an artist who pays very special attention to forgotten objects while drawing on the tradition of still life painting.

West’s colour palette is purposefully romantic and feminine, emphasising that the painted scenes are taking place in domestic, female spaces. She often paints objects which have been discarded, broken or otherwise considered worthless and through dedicating the time to record them, she honours their history and the memories they carry, of previous owners and houses, as witnesses of their pasts.

Mrs. clown, 20x20cm, Louise West
Mrs. Clown, 20 x 20cm, Louise West


The aesthetic used also underlines West’s desire to evoke solidarity of the women of the past and bring their collective strength into the present. The series was painted during the pandemic and now serves to remind us of the consolation that can be gained from the things we already possess within our surroundings, imbued with meaning and memories.

Louise West: Aevum at Mura Ma

13 April–20 May 2023
Free entry


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