Luxury Hotels in Leeds

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor

Are you looking for luxury hotels in Leeds for a special trip to see the best of what this great city has to offer? You’re in luck, Leeds has some of the finest places to stay in all of the North of England, with beautiful countryside close by, as far as the eye can see, as well as a thriving and exciting city centre just minutes away, in most cases.

From strikingly modern buildings to classic lodgings steeped in history

These high-end places to stay are ideal for those with money to burn and want nothing less than the very best, or people looking for a special treat to celebrate an anniversary or other notable occasion. The hotels listed below are all about opulence and providing a memorable stay, and in many cases, you’ll be happy to stay in the hotel and its grounds itself, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Below you’ll find high-end establishments that have hosted major film stars, to more subtle but no less elegant places to rest your head, all boasting great views and plenty of activities to do and places to visit, right on your doorstep, no matter what you prefer to do in your downtime.

These hotels are all about opulence and providing a memorable stay

Many of these were built centuries ago, demonstrating the history and scope that the city of Leeds has to offer, while others are relatively new developments, full of all mod cons, as your dear old mum might say.

Here are our top picks of the best luxury hotels in Leeds, taking in everything from strikingly modern buildings to classic lodgings steeped in history.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Dakota Leeds

    Dakota Deluxe Leeds
    Creative Tourist

    Dakota Leeds, 8 Russell St, Leeds, LS1 5RN - Visit now

    One of the most highly regarded hotels in Leeds, Dakota Deluxe is one of the city’s plushest venues, packed with neat little touches like framed documents and rainfall showers. Plus, no less than Arnold Schwarzenegger stayed here last year. Rumour has it he’ll be back…

  • 2. Quebecs Hotel

    quebecs hotel leeds
    Image Courtesy of Quebecs Hotel

    Quebecs Hotel, 9 Quebec St, Leeds, LS1 2HA - Visit now

    This 19th century stately hotel is the hotel for those who like the finer things in life, boasting chandeliers, ornate stained glass windows and ‘soaking tubs’ (otherwise known as ‘posh baths’). A cheap B&B it ain’t.

  • 3. Queens Hotel

    he Queens Hotel Leeds-Creative-Tourist

    Queens Hotel, City Square, Leeds, LS1 1PJ - Visit now

    It doesn’t get much more opulent than the Queens Hotel. This four star city centre hotel looks out over City Square and has stunning Art Deco-influenced bedrooms, with every modern mod-con you could ask for – all wrapped up inside its 1930s-style setting.

  • 4. 42 The Calls

    42 The Calls Leeds

    42 The Calls, 42 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EY - Visit now

    Nope, not a reference to the meaning of life, the universe and everything, rather the number of the building, 42 The Calls was once an 18th century riverside corn mill, now converted into a beautiful boutique hotel. Expect beamed celings, handmade beds and an extensive collection of original paintings and drawings.

  • 5. Weetwood Hall Estate

    By Chemical Engineer [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

    Weetwood Hall Estate, Otley Rd, Leeds, LS16 5PS - Visit now

    Want to know what it feels like to be a wealthy landowner? Head a few miles out of town towards the Wentwood Hall Estate. This 17th century manor house combines every modern convenience you could possibly desire, with a classic old-world touches such as four-poster beds, a cobbled courtyard and an elegant conservatory.