War With The Newts at the Royal Exchange

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
War With The Newts
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War With The Newts at Royal Exchange Theatre, City Centre 2 — 6 October 2018 Tickets from £11.00 — Book now

Fresh from its Edinburgh Fringe success, War With The Newts is a re-imagining of Karel Čapek’s 1936 sci-fi novel of the same name. Written during a time of political unrest for Čapek and fellow Czechoslovakians, with the rise of nationalism in neighbouring Germany – the novel picked up on the anxiety felt by many Czechoslovakians at the time. The story still resonates today and one that Knaïve Theatre felt should be adapted for performance.

Knaïve Theatre devise bold, controversial, and political theatre which directly engages with and challenges audiences. Often exploring provocative topics that others might shy away from, Knaïve Theatre aim to encourage debate and discussion. This performance will see audiences transported to an apocalyptic future – Knaïve Theatre’s War With The Newts explores migration, perceptions of otherness and nationalism.

In the surroundings of the Royal Exchange Studio, the audience will be welcomed into the safe hull of a ship and offered protection from the super-newts that have taken over outside. Three virtual hosts bring the evening’s entertainment – the story of the rise and fall of new(t) capitalism.

Alongside a live immersive sound installation by Robert Bentall and imaginative set by Hannah Sibai, the cast of three play several roles each to create the sights, sounds and smells of the ship. 

We’ve also been informed that life jackets may be provided. Intrigued? We are.

War With The Newts at Royal Exchange Theatre, City Centre 2 — 6 October 2018 Tickets from £11.00 Book now

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