Teen Yoga Online with Z-arts

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Teen Yoga Online, online, 11 March–1 April 2021, free entry - Visit now

For most of us the past year hasn’t been ideal, but imagine trying to navigate the ongoing sources of tension and anxiety as a teenager. Without mindfulness skills and hobbies to combat the pressures of being teenage in our current world, it can quickly become overwhelming. Z-Arts, the wonderful Hulme based organisation, are teaming up with Yoga teacher Charlotte, to provide teen yoga and mindfulness classes for people aged 11 upwards. It gives this particularly vulnerable age group a chance to reconnect with their bodies, and learn some useful techniques to ease their minds, during a difficult time.

increase flexibility, release tension or allow your body to be still

The classes take place online every Thursday evening, until 8th April. Each one taking you through a sequence with a particular focus in mind. This could be to increase flexibility, release tension or allow your body to be still. Every class is as accessible as possible, with no need for any previous experience with yoga or stretching.

All you need to take part is a device that you can join the zoom from, a small space of floor and a willingness to give things a go. Charlotte, the teacher, emphasises that these classes are about being and just moving in your body, however that may look to you, rather than flexing and bending in ways that you think you ‘should’ look.

Yoga can often get portrayed as something for bendy, athletic looking, wealthy people, but this is so far removed from the principles on which the practice is built. Yoga should be for any type of body anywhere and all it aims to do is give you a space to find strength, calm or to check in with how you are mentally and physically. It’s this open and no pressure approach that you’ll find at teen yoga.

For those wanting to attend, make sure you book in by midnight the Wednesday before each class. For more information and online workshops check out the Z-Arts website to see the range of community focused activities they’re hosting.

Free for Bright Sparks members, all attendees must already be Bright Sparks members. Find out more on the Z-arts website.

Teen Yoga Online, online

11 March–1 April 2021
Free entry