Rambert: Rooms

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Rambert: Rooms
Image courtesy of Rambert.

Rambert: Rooms, online, 8–11 April 2021, from £11 - Book now

Since March 2020 any dance we’ve been able to watch has been online from our own rooms. In this inspired new digital commission by Rambert, Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren explores domestic places.

The new work will see seventeen of Rambert’s dancers performing more than one hundred characters, in over one thousand costumes. Rooms will be live-streamed for four days this April with audience members able to watch the Rambert performance in real-time.

Rambert’s world-class dancers invite the audiences into different worlds and a variety of set-ups. Beautiful, elegant and moving, audiences may be able to see elements of their own lives within the choreography. People trying to live their lives, survive mini-dramas and navigate the dilemmas that pop up along the way.

Like peering at the world through a train window, or looking into windows as we cycle through our local areas – we all love to nosey into other people’s lives and the homes that their experiences inhabit.

The production offers a unique blend of dance, theatre and film, bringing a refreshing and innovative performance to audiences while enabling one of the UK’s finest dance companies to continue creating and performing during the pandemic.

Later this year Rambert will stream a new version of Rouge by Marion Motin as well as a premiere from Marne and Imre Van Opstal; Benoit Swan Pouffer will also create a new work for the Rambert2 company.

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Rambert: Rooms, online

8–11 April 2021
From £11