Postal Exhibition Print Programme from OUTPUT

Sara Jaspan, Exhibitions Editor
Postal Exhibition Print Programme from OUTPUT
Jon Edgley

Postal Exhibition Print Programme at OUTPUT in Liverpool, City Centre, 18 December 2020–1 June 2021, free entry - Visit now

Presenting art in a physical gallery space has become rather challenging of late. Over the last year, the internet has become flooded with attempts to fill the void by digitising collections or creating virtual shows. OUTPUT in Liverpool is modelling a different, more analogue approach, however. It’s going to start sending physical works directly to us, in the post.

The newly launched Postal Exhibition Print Programme will unfold as a series of exhibitions, each one confined to the space of just one (A3) page. Risograph printed with the help of locally based Granby Press, each two-dimensional ‘show’ will feature an original artwork on one side, and an annotated press release, artist interview, and list of suggested places to explore their work further on the other. Admission is free of charge, simply sign up via the gallery’s website (you’ll need to give an address).

The first in the line-up is Jon Edgley, who has created a series of drawings inspired by children’s cartoons and political comic strips that examine the figure of the landlord as one who exploits a tenant’s labour to inflate their own wealth. With rent prices having soared in recent years and rent strikes occurring with growing frequency across the country in protest against this extortive system, the focus is very timely. Edgley has also installed a series of ‘To Let’ signs on OUTPUT’s building façade, offering those who live nearby an opportunity to view more of his work, outdoors, whilst creating a visible intervention within the city.

The first show is now at the end of its (print) run, but keep your eye out for the next instalment of the mail-based programme. It’s always nice to receive something other than bills through the letterbox, with original artwork being a particularly rare surprise. What’s not to like?

Postal Exhibition Print Programme at OUTPUT in Liverpool, City Centre

18 December 2020–1 June 2021
Free entry