Make My Day! on Morecambe Promenade

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Make My Day!
Beki Melrose

Make My Day! at West End Gardens, Morecambe, 4 August 2019, free entry

Make My Day! is a one-day free family festival of creative capers which sees thousands of people making, building, hammering, sawing and playing away together each year. It aims to inspire confidence in being creative – however you want to express it (within lawful reason).

Led by a team of artists and performers, Make My Day! is a day out by the seaside with the opportunity to make marvellous creations. No experience (or skill) is required and materials and tools are provided.

This year don’t miss Putt-by-Numbers, a mini golf course with a difference. Pif Paf theatre meanwhile will be providing an explosive painting spectacle using pneumatic paint cannons firing at a massive canvas. Tip top street theatre antics continue with Mufti Games’ L_ve Hangman.

Craft some curious creatures and take part in a huge, continuous drawing. Step inside a “luck of the draw” photobooth and see what curiosity will be spat out at you instead of your new passport pic.

Sand-based and traditional seaside games will keep the smaller tiddlers busy. Meanwhile live acoustic music and a family rave add to the mix.

We love that this is a rare chance to get properly stuck in together and put actual trust in young creativity with real hammers and saws.

Right – we are off to find our tool belts. See you there.

Make My Day! at West End Gardens, Morecambe

4 August 2019 12:00 pm
Free entry