Look Up – part of Journeys Festival International 2021

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Look Up – part of Journeys Festival International 2021
Bahzad Sulaiman

Look Up, 15–24 October 2021, free entry - Visit now

Look Up is a series of new visual artworks displayed in outdoor public locations across Manchester city centre.

The works have been created by international artists Ally Zlatar, Bahzad Sulaiman, Parham Ghalamdar and Rita Adib, with mentorship support from Rachel Dobbs and Adam Broomberg as part of Journeys International Festival. Each artist has created a unique and personal artwork, designed to share messages, stories and images that respond to themes of well-being and mental health, cultural greetings, national identity and borders, as well as privilege. The Look Up artworks were developed in collaborative artistic residencies hosted by Aspex Portsmouth, UK, and coculture in Berlin, Germany.

Look Up

15–24 October 2021
Free entry