Virtual Craft Beer Tasting, with Craft Beer Tour Manchester

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
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Virtual Craft Beer Tasting, with Craft Beer Tour Manchester, online, 12 February–19 March 2021, from £30 - Book now

We’re all missing the british staple of enjoying a pint in the company of more than just our household members. From noisey bars with sticky floors to cosy pubs serving artisanal beverages, we miss it all! Whilst those days may seem long gone, the beer connoisseurs behind Craft Beer Tour Manchester have been working alongside the best Manchester based breweries to develop an at home beer tasting experience that, almost, makes up for our loss of public houses.

a thriving scene of creativity and craft

Craft Beer Tour Manchester has always made a point of showcasing the awesome amount of talented brewers in the city. Each tasting is in collaboration with an individual brewery, giving them the chance to show off their best brews, experimental mixes and flavour personalities. Once signed up for a particular tasting you’ll receive a box of hand curated beverages in the post and be invited to join an interactive Zoom session.

To make this experience unlike any other night we may spend drinking at home, you will be guided through each drink with expert knowledge. Learn how the ingredients of any beer are combined, processed and finessed to become the liquid you see in front of you. Then, hear directly from the brewer about the choices they made and why they made them during the brewing process. As the tour is a fully interactive experience you’ll have plenty of chances to ask questions as you taste your way through the case.

No two beers taste the same and independent brewers passionately seek out more inventive ways to flavour the drink. This beer tasting is an ideal opportunity to support local businesses doing what they love, from a thriving local scene of creativity and craft.

Virtual Craft Beer Tasting, with Craft Beer Tour Manchester, online

12 February–19 March 2021
From £30