It Must Have Been Dark By Then

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
It Must Have Been Dark By Then
Image courtesy of Duncan Speakman

It must have been dark by then, online, 24 July–16 August 2020, from £12.00 - Book now

Using a combination of evocative music, field recording and narration, It Must Have Been Dark By Then is a physical book and audio experience created by artist Duncan Speakman.

Bringing stories of changing environments, from the swamplands of Louisiana, to empty Latvian villages and the edge of the Tunisian Sahara, it is up to the participant to choose their own path through the landscape. Unlike many audio guides, there is no preset route, the software builds a unique map for each person’s experience.

The experience asks the listener to seek out types of locations in their own environment, and once there it offers sounds and stories from remote but related situations. At each location the listener is invited to tie those memories to the place they are in, creating a map of both where they are right now and of places that may not exist in the future.

Happening as part of Electric Dreams Online. This performance requires an internet connection and a smartphone. You will be mailed a physical book to keep too.

It must have been dark by then, online

24 July–16 August 2020
From £12.00