Electric Dreams Online

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Electric Dreams Online
Image courtesy of Nichon Glerum

Electric Dreams Online, online, 24 July–16 August 2020 - Book now

Going some way to give back the magic of being part of an audience, Electric Dreams Online is really worth checking out. Happening across various digital platforms and devices, the festival runs for three weeks this summer.

During the lockdown period and the temporary closure of cinemas, galleries and theatres, artists have been driven to find new ways to interact with their audiences. Interesting new forms of arts and entertainment have emerged as people have been driven to find new ways to connect, create and stay cultured.

Online platforms have become the space for artists to express and engage with their audiences. Cue… Electric Dreams Online…celebrating the best of cyberspace storytelling.

When we need to be apart but want to be together, technologies provide a solution.

Presented by the award-winning Crossover labs, international producers of immersive and interactive work, Electric Dreams Online offers fresh and exciting ways to channel creativity and connect. Featuring some of the best examples of web-native theatre, music and experiences, the digital festival brings work from some of the most visionary and innovative artists in the world today.

Bringing work from some of the most visionary and innovative artists in the world today.

Many of the festival’s shows were well received at Edinburgh Fringe and have been now been adapted to reach audiences digitally. Live and social, festival highlights include Darkfield’s Double, Twelve Thousand Years in Fragments by composer Jamie Perera and artist-filmmaker Katharine Round and Javaad Alipoor’s WhatApp augmented The Believers are but Brothers.

Feel part of an audience again. Dive in.

Electric Dreams Online, online

24 July–16 August 2020

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