Horace Andy: Live-ish – Online with Band on the Wall

Ben Williams, Managing Editor
Band on the Wall

Horace Andy: Live-ish - Online with Band on the Wall - Book now

Revisit a live show from one of the legendary voices of reggae music, Horace Andy. Join Band on the Wall online this Friday and watch-together a classic recent concert from the Jamaican roots legend and Massive Attack collaborator.

If possible, please support Band on the Wall and show your appreciation for these events with a small (or large!) donation. One of Manchester’s most treasured venues, Band on the Wall have really shone during this strange time. You can join them for singing lessons next week and revisit their stream with Werkha from a couple of weeks ago.

Possessing what must be one of reggae’s most beautiful voices, Horace Andy emerged as a major force in the 1970s when his collaborations with producer Coxsone Dodd and, later, Bunny Lee resulted in a series of songs now considered classics including You Are My Angel, Skylarking, Just Say Who, Don’t Try To Use Me, Zion Gate, I’ve Got to Get Away and Something On My Mind. Later hits include the much-loved singles Government Land and Do You Love My Music and seminal album ‘In The Light’.

In 1990, his long-standing collaboration with trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack began which resulted in him contributing to all five of their albums – most notably with Angel on ‘Mezzanine’ and Five Man Army on ‘Blue Lines’.

Horace Andy continues to be one of reggae’s brightest voices and most loved stars, and a real favourite of Manchester’s and particularly at Band on the Wall.

Horace Andy: Live-ish - Online with Band on the Wall