HIP HOP DOC SPOT: Adult Rappers at Kosmonaut

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor
Hip Hop Chip Shop

HIP HOP DOC SPOT: Adult Rappers, 26 March 2017, from £10 - Book now

The rap game isn’t all glitz and glamour – as the hit FX TV show Atlanta showed us last year. The show, created by actor/comedian/rapper Donald Glover depicts, with dead-pan detail, the exhausting hustle it takes for new talent Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) to even get a toe in the door of what is a hyper competitive industry.

That story of hard graft, social media plugs and endless promotion would be familiar to the subjects of Adult Rappers, the documentary screening at Kosmonaut this month. Traversing America, the film takes a look at what life entails when “rapper” is your job description. Director Paul Iannacchino weaves together over thirty interviews in order to spotlight working class artists and the myths and misconceptions that surround their profession.

Hosted in the basement bar, the teams at Hip Hop Chip Shop and Kosmonaut will provide audience members with a ‘Main Event’ from the Chip Shop menu and an ABC beer or house wine from the bar to wash it down as they kick back and enjoy the film.

HIP HOP DOC SPOT: Adult Rappers

26 March 2017 4:30 pm
From £10