Flecky Bennett Virtual Performances

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Flecky Bennett
Flecky Bennett

Flecky Bennet Virtual Performances, online, 26 June–24 July 2020, free entry - Visit now

The art of storytelling is what separates the good from the truly terrifying when it comes to ghost walks. Something that Flecky Bennett, resident Manchester ghostwalker, is keenly aware of. As a response to the lockdown, Flecky has created a series of online performances, each based around an existing walk. Whilst virtually venturing through some familiar streets, stories of plague, peril and the paranormal are brought to life using a bit of subtle video editing.

Flecky Bennett’s performances are always an engaging watch, whether on a real street corner or via a screen. He combines horror and gore with a northern sense of humour that both terrifies and charms an audience. Interspersed between grim tales, Flecky adds in bits of local history and trivia. So you can learn about the origin of a town’s name, before hearing the accounts of murder, deception and woe that took place there.

horror and gore with a northern sense of humour

No ghost story would be complete with out the obligatory torch held under the story tellers face and Flecky doesn’t disappoint. The low tech approach makes each performance feel more like theatre than a walking tour and really draws you into Flecky’s ghostly world.

Each episode is broadcast over facebook live on Friday evenings from the Flecky Bennett facebook page, with previous ones available to watch on youtube.

Flecky Bennet Virtual Performances, online

26 June–24 July 2020
Free entry