Double with Darkfield Radio

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Double with Darkfield Radio
Image courtesy of Darkfield Radio.

Double, online, 23 July–15 August 2020, from £3.50 - Book now

An immersive 20-minute audio experience by Darkfield Radio, Double invites you and a friend to sit down at the kitchen table, put on your headphones and close your eyes.

Voiced by Christopher Brett Bailey, Double is an unsettling performance for two people. This innovative audio experience explores the Capgras delusion, a terrifying psychological condition by which the sufferer believes that the person they know has been replaced by an imposter.

Recommended for ages 14 and over, the performance requires two willing participants, each with a pair of headphones and a phone, and a kitchen (preferably one with a table in it, or near it). The pair should sit opposite each other at the kitchen table. For maximum effect, the performance is designed to be experienced by two people together in the same space, however, it can be experienced by Zoom via a laptop, across the table.

If you enjoyed Complicité’s The Encounter, this aural performance is for you. With intensive sound quality, everything appears so real. Ingenious and gothic, Double overcomes the usual stumbling blocks of online theatre. We can’t tell you much more…make sure you experience it for yourself…

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Double, online

23 July–15 August 2020
From £3.50