Dommy B’s Best Adventure Ever! at Z-arts

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Dommy B's Best Adventure Ever! at Z-arts
Image courtesy of Z-arts.

Dommy B's Best Adventure Ever at Z-arts, Manchester, 18 September 2021, from £7.00 - Book now

Dommy B’s Best Adventure Ever! is an exciting and interactive theatre show perfectly timed to coincide with the new school year. Recommended for ages 5+, Dommy B brings a heartwarming and magical story about dealing with times of change to Z-arts this autumn.

Starting school is a time of nervous energy and big change. While bringing new friendships, knowledge and play, it can also be a very challenging time. We can’t think of anyone better than CBeebies favourite Dommy B to alleviate those ‘going back-to-school’ nerves.

When Dom and his Mum move house, Dom has to go to a new school. Leaving behind all of his friends, he arrives at his new school, armed with his exciting rhymes about meeting a spell-casting goblin. But how far will Dom go to gain acceptance from the coolest kids in his new school?

Creating a whole fantastical world on stage using words and the power of the imagination, ‘Rhyme Rocket’ Dommy B explores the challenges and triumphs of making new friends when everything around you is different and strange.

Dommy B's Best Adventure Ever at Z-arts, Manchester

18 September 2021 11:00 am
From £7.00