Devolution or (R)evolution? at Business School BS3.28

Polly Checkland Harding
Helen Darby

Devolution or (R)evolution?, 4 November 2016 - Book now

Devolution or (R)evolution? explores whether a constitution for the Greater Manchester region would be welcomed by local agencies, businesses and voluntary organisations following the 2014 Devolution Agreement, which transferred special powers and responsibilities from national government to the local region. These include transport, regeneration, housing, employment, training, health, social care and criminal justice; this event will examine whether these responsibilities – and the new elected mayor – would be best guided by a set of values in the form of a constitution.

Manchester City Council does have an existing basic constitution for Greater Manchester on its website, which will act as a useful starting point for the debate.

Devolution or (R)evolution?

4 November 2016 12:00 pm