DEPART at Stanley Park

Andrew Anderson
© Tristram Kenton

DEPART, 1–4 June 2017, from £10.00 - Book now

A good circus show invokes all the best bits of childhood: surprise, wonder and an air of enchantment. So, what better location for a circus piece than a woodland park, where you can stumble upon performers like fairies in a forest.

That’s exactly what celebrated troupe Circa has done for their show DEPART, which is coming to Stanley Park in Blackpool for four days this June. Acrobats will swing from trees, dancers will dart from out of the undergrowth and choirs will serenade you from the shadows as DEPART travels across the park.

Inspired by the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice – a couple who find themselves stranded between different worlds – DEPART is a unique circus experience from a company with an international reputation for innovation. We’ve seen the video previews, and we reckon this is one not to miss.


1–4 June 2017
From £10.00