Cyanotype Lampshade Workshop at MCDC

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Victoria Glover

Cyanotype Lampshade Workshop at MCDC at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, Manchester, 20 May 2022, from £80.00 - Book now

Manchester Craft and Design Centre are in the full swing of workshopping once more. Aside from their excellent jewellery making and ceramic based workshops, we’re intrigued by a new opportunity to create your own Cyanotype Lampshade.

The cyanotype printing process uses a bit of chemistry and natural light (or a UV lamp) to create detailed imprints and striking minimal designs. To put it very simply, it’s a bit like taking a slow monochrome photo of just one object at a time. It works particularly well with natural materials such as flowers, leaves and shrubbery.

In this Cyanotype Lampshade making workshop, you’ll first create your own material using the satisfying cyanotype printing technique. The fabric used is high quality linen, a perfect material for constructing lightweight lampshades and also allows the light to highlight the texture of the fabric when lit.

You’ll have a couple of practice attempts at the printing technique before committing to your final design. Victoria, who runs the workshop, provides all the necessary materials but participants are welcome to bring their own flowers, leaves, feathers or petals should they wish to make it more personal.

The second half of the experience will be about constructing the lampshade and putting your finished print onto the metal frame, letting you walk away from the experience with something ready to hang in your home.

Victoria Glover, your workshop host, is a textiles designer and printmaker whose delicate and thoughtfully composed work reflects her background in photography. With an eye for pleasing aesthetics and a warm and welcoming facilitation style, she’s the perfect person to help you create something you can be really proud of.

Victoria is planning to host other cyanotype printing based workshops so if the lampshades aren’t for you be sure to check out the Craft and Design Centre website for more fun things to make with this stunning technique.

Cyanotype Lampshade Workshop at MCDC at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, Manchester

20 May 2022 10:30 am
From £80.00