Composed From Silence at Saul Hay Gallery

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Saul Hay Gallery
Steven Heaton

Composed From Silence, 5–27 October 2019, free entry - Visit now

‘Composed from Silence’ is a solo exhibition presenting a new body of work by Steven Heaton, created from a collaborative project with art historian Sara Riccardi. Working together, Steven and Sara have spent over a year visiting exhibitions in and around Manchester, with lengthy discussions at the artist’s studio. They have been recording their conversations on various points in history, technique and lifestyle from the Renaissance, the Dutch Golden Age of painting, Bauhaus, Abstract Expressionism to the contemporary, on how all these influences inform our outlook and, more importantly, on the possibility of finding the silence beneath the surface that connects everything and everyone together.

The body of work Heaton has created, inspired by their conversations, exhibition visits and studio time together has been carefully selected and curated by Riccardi; along with various materials, tools, books, sketches and excerpts of recordings.

Composed From Silence

5–27 October 2019
Free entry


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