Chanukah Lewinsky’s Big Quiz Night

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Manchester Jewish Museum

Chanukah Lewinsky's Big Quiz Night, online, 26 November 2020 - Book now

Chanukah Lewinsky’s big quiz night is the perfect mix of culture, comedy and cabaret, to keep your soul warm on these Autumn evenings. She is a famously charismatic host, not only described as the Julie Walters (on speed) of 19th century Russia, but also proudly and queerly Jewish. Join her for an evening of campy quiz rounds, special guests and an alternative look into the archive at Manchester Jewish Museum.

hear unexpected anecdotes from Manchester’s Jewish history

Via Zoom, Chanukah will be beaming top quality entertainment to the comfort of your own home. Rounds include, a who’s who of 1950’s Jewish pantomime dames, this celebration of the ugly sisters, dramatic widows and evil stepmothers will have you disputing the answers among your household like “oh no it isn’t!”, “oh yes it is!”. As well as innuendos and bawdy stories, expect to hear unexpected anecdotes from Manchester’s Jewish history.

On the night, Chanukah will be joined by guest appearances from drag storyteller That Ray as well as Glasgow’s emerging queer, yiddish café Pink Peacock.

Pyjamas, faux fur coats and cocktails are an optional addition to Chanukah Lewinsky’s big quiz night (but highly encouraged). Chanukah is the regular host of the Jewish cabaret Homos and Houmous, which is well worth checking out if you enjoy the quiz.

The event is pay as you feel, however, the money raised will support Manchester Jewish Museum’s community arts programming and contribute to the re-development of the museum.


Chanukah Lewinsky's Big Quiz Night, online

26 November 2020 8:00 pm