Broken Biscuits: Unheard Voices

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Broken Biscuits: Unheard Voices

Broken Biscuits: Unheard Voices, online, 27 November–13 December 2020, free entry - Visit now

For DaDaFest 2020, Amina Atiq was all set to deliver her second performance of Broken Biscuits. However, in response to the Covid-19 restrictions, Amina has adapted her creative process to produce an experimental film, Broken Biscuits: Unheard Voices.

This new film – which combines poetry and elements of the original script from Broken Biscuits – focuses on the experiences of Yemeni newsagents. Described as a ‘hidden community’, the piece illuminates the experiences of the Yemeni-British immigrants who set up corner shops in Britain during the post-war era.

Broken Biscuits was first shared at the Unity Theatre as part of the scratch event for DadaFest in February 2020.

Broken Biscuits will be available on recurring dates throughout the festival, from November 27 until December 13.

Broken Biscuits: Unheard Voices, online

27 November–13 December 2020
Free entry


  • Audio Described
  • British Sign Language
  • Captioned