Beastie at Rheged Centre

Andrew Anderson
© Lone Twin

Beastie, 16–17 September 2017, from £5.50 - Book now

Every good festival needs a street performance piece in my opinion and with Beastie C-Art has a winner. Created by by performance duo Lone Twin, Beastie is a mythical monster who wanders the streets. At first he might cause fear, but over time he is understood and accepted as a friend.

While Beastie is a fun character for kids to engage with, the performance also has an important message: that we should not fear outsiders or ‘the other’, but should instead see them as friends we haven’t met yet. As a result, Beastie feels like a particularly pertinent show at the present time.

In addition to his street wanderings, Beastie will also take part workshop activities for younger kids. Not only do the kids get to create their own monster characters, but they also get to lead Beastie through the streets, directing his interactions with the public.

A heart-warming performance piece, Beastie is a brilliant addition to C-Art’s programming, and will prove a welcome presence on the streets of Penrith.


16–17 September 2017
From £5.50