A Tiny Revolution

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A Tiny Revolution
Image courtesy of Paperfinch Theatre.

A Tiny Revolution, online, 2–4 July 2020, free entry - Visit now

Presented by Paperfinch Theatre, A Tiny Revolution is a tiny installation happening in and around Sheffield city centre.

Happening as part of UnShut Festival 2020. Take a tour across Sheffield and uncover the secret struggles of the tiny folk. You’ll find fairies, insects, and enchanted toys, all wrestling for control in an inch-tall world. Little did we know… that while we napped and snacked during the lockdown, a microscopic civil war was being fought in the shadows.

Round up the family, grab a map (or use your phone), and discover a series of revolutionary installations hidden across Sheffield city centre, in a mischievous piece of street art that’s suitable for all ages.

A Tiny Revolution, online

2–4 July 2020
Free entry