Chinese New Year in Manchester
Chinese New Year in Manchester. Photo: Chris Payne.

Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is always a colourful cultural highlight, bringing brightness to the dark winter days here in the UK. This is especially true for a city like Manchester, whose Chinatown buzzes all year round but becomes a hive of activity and celebration come New Year.

Welcome in the Year of The Pig in Manchester with four days of events at one of Europe’s biggest Chinese New Year celebrations.

Alongside the famous dragon parade and fireworks there are some stonking (or should that be honking?) new experiences for 2019 including contemporary art installation Piglet by artist Alex Rinsler in St Ann’s Square.

Events across the city by Manchester’s fine Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art  (CFCCA) include digital drawing, making memes and art workshops, inspired by the Chinese zodiac. Look out for other traditional crafts such as paper cutting and calligraphy too.

At CFCCA itself don’t miss new exhibition Chinternet Ugly – a group exhibition that offers a rare glimpse behind the biggest digital boundary in the world: the Great Firewall of China.

Together with thousands of red lanterns on the city’s trees, the illumination of some of Manchester’s iconic buildings and street food markets in St Ann’s Square, Albert Square and Chinatown, we love how the city centre turns (culturally) red early every year.

Here are our top picks.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

    Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art CFCCA by Michael Pollard
    Photo by Michael Pollard

    Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Market buildings, Thomas Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 1EU - Visit now

    We’d recommend visiting the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art anytime of the year for its relevant and thought-provoking exhibitions, engaging events and beautiful shop . But of course during Chinese New Year it is especially relevant and filled to the brim with creative pursuits for all. Don’t miss the tours and workshops accompanying current new exhibition “Chinternet Ugly” at CFCCA itself and the Making Memes and arts and craft workshops run by CFCCA across town.

  • 2. Ho’s Bakery

    Ho’s Bakery, 56 Faulkner Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 4FH - Visit now

    Buns buns buns! The aroma of Ho’s drifts down onto the street, drawing you in like Yogi Bear to a picnic basket and causing you to part with your cash in exchange for calories. No, it’s not a healthy option – even the stuff that looks like it might be vaguely savoury is packed with soft and sugary sumptuousness – but who cares when it tastes this good. Get some to fuel yourself for the Dragon Parade.

  • 3. Sweet Mandarin

    Sweet Mandarin

    Sweet Mandarin, 19 Copperas St, Manchester, M4 1HS - Visit now

    Gordon Ramsay-approved Northern Quarter restaurant run by three sisters, featuring some of the city’s finest Chinese cuisine.

  • 4. Yang Sing

    Yang Sing

    Yang Sing, 34 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 4JY - Visit now

    One of the most well-known Chinese restaurants in Manchester, Yang Sing has been feeding Mancunians for forty years.

  • 5. Yu Alderley Edge

    Yu Alderley Edge, London Rd, Alderley Edge, SK9 7QD - Visit now

    If you fancy an out-of-the-city Chinese restaurant that combines traditional Cantonese cooking and modern ideas, head to Alderley Edge.

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