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Weasel International

Weasel International, online, 27 November–13 December 2020, free entry - Visit now

What is it about weasels and why does artist Dominic G find them so fascinating?

Since 2014, the artist Dominic G has been building Weasel Nation, a platform presenting music, sculpture and an interactive video game. He has also delivered sculpture and drawing workshops of his creations, the Wicked Weasels.

Dominic’s next project is Weasel International. Reflecting on the belief that art should be inclusive and bring people together, Dominic will create a manifesto for Weasel Nation, carrying forward the views that he thinks are essential to artists today. This manifesto will accompany Dominic’s artistic practice, via video of practical tutorials and based around his strong visual style of graffiti art.

Supported by long-time collaborator Patrick Farrell, Dominic will create the work in English, BSL and Arabic.

Weasel International will be available on recurring dates throughout the festival, from November 27 until December 13.

Weasel International, online

27 November–13 December 2020
Free entry


  • Audio Described
  • British Sign Language