Image courtesy of Optimum Releasing
Image courtesy of Optimum Releasing


Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor

Scalarama’s mission to ‘fill the land with cinemas’ is one that we can completely get behind here at Creative Tourist. Each September, this month-long celebration of cinema brings together established venues, film clubs, independent programmers and ordinary film fans. Having sprung up out of a love of London’s old Scala cinema, Scalarama knows that in this age of smartphones, tablets and streaming, films still work best as a communal experience. The idea is that anybody, no matter how experienced, can put on a event, and the film lovers of Manchester and Liverpool have stepped up to the plate once again this year to provide a superb selection for your viewing pleasure.

There’s an abundance of films scheduled across the two cities this month but we’ve decided to help you out by selecting some of the highlights below.

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