Plastica Galactica: Get Involved

Creative Tourist
Theatre in Manchester
Image courtesy of Plastica Galactica.

Plastica Galactica: Get Involved, online, 2–4 July 2020 - Book now

Plastica Galactica: Get Involved is a street clean that takes you on an audio journey exploring plastic pollution, marine life and the importance of us. For this project, Plastica Galactica ask the audience to put the active in activist.

This is an audio performance. For this performance you will need to download an audio track to play on your phone with headphones. You press play on the audio and you head out to clean up wherever you want. You may choose a beach, a field, a park, your estate, round the block, through a village – the choice is yours. When you get home Plastica Galactica would like you to create something out of everything that you have collected. Once you’ve built your masterpiece, take a picture of the new item and share it on social media using the hashtags #plasticagalactica and #unshutfestival. Of course, if this isn’t accessible to you, you can play the audio and take part in your own home.

Plastica Galactica: Get Involved, online

2–4 July 2020