Nude Me/ Under the Skin

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Image courtesy of Michal Morawski.

Nude Me/ Under the Skin, online, 4 July 2020 - Book now

Nude Me/Under the Skin is a tribute to the Black nurses of the NHS. Examining those many voices, stories and experiences from the Windrush onwards. The piece links to Enam Gbewonyo’s practice as a textile and performance artist by exploring the history of nude tights and all of the Black NHS nurses who wore tights, and continue to wear them, as part of their uniform.

Through a public call-out, Gbewonyo has collected photographs and anecdotes from these women. These artifacts will be woven into the artwork to become the foundation of the live performance.

The performance will take place via a live stream on You Tube.


Nude Me/ Under the Skin, online

4 July 2020 5:00 pm