Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Mindscapes //OUTSIDEIN//
Image courtesy of Theater DEGASTEN/SICK! Festival.

MINDSCAPES: //OUTSIDEIN// - Theater DEGASTEN, online, 19 April 2021–16 May 2022, free entry - Visit now

For this MINDSCAPES commission entitled //OUTSIDEIN//, the Amsterdam-based theatre group Theater DEGASTEN have worked with young people in Manchester to create a brand-new online work exploring the connection between mental health and where we live.

//OUTSIDEIN// is a digital zine created by young people and care institutions across Manchester in collaboration with artists Elza Jo and Raul Balai of Theater DEGASTEN. The artwork seeks to interrogate domestic spaces – homes and bedrooms – and the role played by these spaces throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The piece asks how the space around us may impact the way we view the world and the way we feel. And additionally, how our responses to the spaces we inhabit can influence the way we function within the space, and the way by which we connect with others.

Shaped by the experiences of young people growing up in care, the artists from Theater DEGASTEN have created portraits of the young people who have taken part – aiming to give a voice to those who want to speak rather than be spoken about.

Working with people aged 12-25 years, Theater DEGASTEN create raw and emotional performances based on the diverse experiences of those taking part. Exploring topical issues through a collection of vibrant young voices, DEGASTEN believe that art and culture can create connections between everyone, either as participants or audience members.


19 April 2021–16 May 2022
Free entry