Manchester Coffee Festival with Cup North

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Manchester coffee festival

Manchester Coffee Festival, 6–7 November 2021, from £12 - Book now

Manchester coffee festival is a celebration of beans, brews and baristas. Over the course of two days, exhibitors from far and wide will be bringing their caffeinated contributions to the floor. The festival is a creative space and tries to break away from the conventions of boring trade shows.

As a visitor you’ll be able to browse through interactive and engaging stalls that come from mixed backgrounds of industry professionals and coffee enthusiasts. You can try some of the good stuff itself, in the tasting room, or for those who don’t like coffee, there’s a separate non coffee tasting room where you can sample tea’s, hot chocolates and more. Each beverage being showcased by passionate independent producers.

There will be talks across the two days on a variety of coffee related issues and this year marks the launch of the new makers market area. This is the place where you can find all kinds of coffee based produce, gadgets and supplies from independent start ups.

Cup North, the hosts of Manchester Coffee festival, come from a background of working in the coffee industry. We’re very much  looking forward to the relaunch of their MCR coffee tours. Meanwhile, tickets for the festival will be available soon.

Manchester Coffee Festival

6–7 November 2021
From £12