Love on the Dole at The Cinnamon Club

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor
Image courtesy of Cinnamon Club

Love on the Dole at Cinnamon Club, Manchester, 30 March 2017, from £9.00 - Book now

From one and a half to two millions; an army in the shadows, delivered from destitution only by the payment of a meagre unemployment benefit; a shabby dispirited host, pawns in a game whose machinery had seized up.

Based on Walter Greenwood’s novel of 1932, this perceptive drama depicts working class life though vivid characterisation and well-drawn domestic scenes. With accomplished performances from Deborah Kerr (in one of her very first film roles) and Geoffrey Hibbert as teenage siblings, and Mary Merrall and George Carney as their parents, this politically engaged, 1941 film from director John Baxter, has an enduring appeal, especially to local audiences who will respond to the Salford setting.

Love on the Dole at Cinnamon Club, Manchester

30 March 2017 7:30 pm
From £9.00