Kirkstall Abbey Yoga with Eve (Online)

Alice Hiley
Kirkstall Abbey Yoga with Eve
Kirkstall Abbey by Leeds Museums and Galleries.

Kirkstall Abbey Yoga with Eve, 22 May–30 June 2021 - Book now

Kirkstall Abbey Yoga with Eve is a gentle introduction to some yoga flow exercises, produced as part of Creativity and Wellbeing Week. This yoga session lasts 35 minutes in total, with some warm up and cool down exercises included.

The videos are recorded in advance and can be accessed at any time after the event starts.

It is recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothing for the session and find an airy space to practice in that’s hazard-free. You should also ideally avoid eating a heavy meal 3-4 hours prior to practice.

Eve Shilton is a trained yogi whose classes help you to develop flexibility, increase strength, connect with the breath and focus the mind. Each posture has been carefully picked for its physical and mental benefits. Kirkstall Abbey Yoga with Eve will activate and massage your muscles and nerves, helping you to control your thoughts and clear your mind.

Eve did her first yoga class using a Barbara Currie DVD in 2006. Her passion for teaching was ignited after attending a yoga retreat in Bali. In August 2019 she completed the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu, Nepal, and is now based in Leeds sharing her practice with like-minded people.
Eve has a regular schedule of online classes available on her website, including Restorative Yoga, Beginner flow, Hatha Flow, Spiritual Flow and Energising Flow, all targeting different parts of the body and designed to bring different benefits.
Eve’s classes are a chance to try out different styles of yoga, all with a focus on breathing and connecting with oneself. You will need your own mat, a well-ventilated space – minimum 2m squared with an overhead clearance of 2m – and should inform the instructor in advance of any pre-existing health conditions, recent operations or injuries.

Kirkstall Abbey Yoga with Eve

22 May–30 June 2021