Canal, Coal and Cake

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Image courtesy of Bridgewater Canal

Canal, Coal and Cake at Bridgewater Canal, 28 August–30 October 2021, from £16 - Book now

We’re all familiar with the Bridgewater Canal as it winds its way through the heart of Manchester, however, we don’t often stop to wonder where the water leads once you leave the urban centre. Starting life as a vital transport link between Worsley and Manchester, the canal played a fundamental role in fuelling the industrial revolution. Learn about its beginnings and more with Canal, Coal and Cake, a Worsley based walking tour exploring the heritage of this waterway.

The Duke of Bridgewater built the canal to transport coal from his land to the city. Motivated by profit and ambition this vein of industry led to a series of underground canals and was a passion project for many others after the Duke. Learn the stories of these influencers and how the canal benefited them, whilst walking through the picturesque suburb of Worsley.

The prevalence of trees gives the area a distinctly calming and green feel

While walking through Worsley you could be easily forgiven for forgetting you’re in Salford. The Victorian mock Tudor housing, lavish greens paces and orange water of the canal make the suburb feel totally removed from its more industrial surroundings. Even just the prevalence of trees gives the area a distinctly calming and green feel, which is complimented by curious monuments such as the one found at Worsley Delph.

Digest the history as well as some delicious local treats

As the name of the tour (Canal, Coal and Cake) suggests, you will finish your journey through Worsley with some baked refreshments and hot drinks. All of which are included in the ticket price and give you a chance to digest the history as well as some delicious local treats.

The tours are running every Saturday between two and four. Should you prefer a private tour this can be arranged via the website and on an individual basis.

Canal, Coal and Cake at Bridgewater Canal

28 August–30 October 2021
From £16