Annual Duck Walk

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor

Annual Duck Walk, 13 February 2022, from £0.00 - Book now

Haw Park Wood and Wintersett near Wakefield are home to over 44 species of birds. With migrating visitors and weather hardy residents, there is a world of bird watching to be explored. Join the friends of these green spaces for their annual Duck Walk, where you’ll roam around the reserve spotting as many species as you can.

Led by the experienced bird spotter and walker Pete Smith, you’re encouraged to bring suitable bird watching equipment (binoculars, camera, notebook and pencil). See how many species you can spot and enjoy an alternative day out with the friends of Haw Park wood and Wintersett.

Annual Duck Walk

13 February 2022 10:00 am
From £0.00