Kate Feld

Kate Feld, author of the Manchizzle (described by The Guardian as ‘the pick of Manchester culture and hub of blogging goodness’), rounds up this month’s happenings in the blogosphere.

July is all about the Manchester International Festival, which has bloggers in a (mostly) very happy whirl. And the #MIF09 hashtag is getting quite a workout on Twitter, evidence that the Northwest’s social media culterati are out there enjoying Manchester’s golden month in the national spotlight.

It’s no surprise that Kraftwerk’s festival opener drew the tech hordes in force. Writer Adrian Slatcher has recapped it on The Art of Fiction. Musician Adrian Stevenson also has a review, “Die Manchester-Maschine” up on his site The Ring Modulator, while Tim Difford was there taking pictures.

Curious about Marina Abramovic’s four-hour performance art experience? Check out Santiago’s Dead Wasp, where poet Matt Dalby gives a full account. And I, of course, couldn’t help but add my own two-penneth worth, with a review of the Anthony and The Johnsons/Manchester Camerata gig on Manchizzle.

Marina Abramovic presents

Journalist David Quinn published this early review of It Felt Like a Kiss on his blog Words Dept., and there’s another over on Electric Roulette. Journalist Sarah Hartley approved of the big love shown for the chip (and other Northern Surrealist foodstuffs) in Jeremy Deller’s Procession on Life Through Food.

Text poet and Bury Art Gallery curator Tony Trehy has a review of the Piotr Anderszewski Bach piano concert in Zaha Hadid’s scupltural space in Manchester Art Gallery. And there’s a day-by-day selection of the freesheet’s MIF coverage on the Metro Manchester Life blog.

Phew. Now we’re exhausted. Please, Mr. Poots, we can’t take any more.

Image courtesy Manchester International Festival/Joel Chester-Fildes

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