Ramsbottom: Day trip guide

Kate Feld

Our resident expert runs through the best bits of Ramsbottom (less rude than it sounds), and makes a persuasive case for spending a day there.

Ramsbottom is the newest addition to our roster of day trip guides. It may have a reputation as the kind of boho suburb that Manc hipsters graduate to when they’re ready to “settle down” (and yes, a vegan and raw food restaurant is poised to open). But this isn’t Chorlton. At its core it’s still a cussedly out-of-the-way mill town buried in the armpit of the Pennine moors. It’s a little bit too full-on, a little bit too grim on winter days, a little bit too Lancashire. But those of us who live there love it precisely because of that. Ramsbottom has character. It’s in a beautiful part of the countryside. And as a day-trip destination, it’s a corker.

Discover its walks and ways, its pubs, grub and places to spend your hard-earned pennies. It might be a bit of a faff to get to, but Ramsbottom has our vote.

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