June Comedy Picks: June is busting out all over

John Stansfield

Our comedy picks for Manchester and Liverpool – including Edinburgh Fringe previews, Luisa Omielan and David Sedaris.

Carl Donnelly & Will Franken at Tiger Lounge

In the first of a series of Edinburgh preview shows at the unlikely venue of Tiger Lounge, Manchester comedy powerhouse Group Therapy are giving you two-for-the-price-of-one: the anti-lad musings of Carl Donnelly are paired with the frantic one man sketch show that is Will Franken. We think it’s worth twice the price. Make sure you look out for the rest of the Tiger Lounge previews throughout June and July. Thur 4 June, 7pm. Tickets £5.

Alex Edelman at Pub/Zoo

Recipient of last year’s best newcomer award at the Edinburgh Fringe, Alex Edelman is the second in XS Malarkey’s two month long Edinburgh preview season – and possibly one of the highest rated names. Billed as a young Jerry Seinfeld, Edelman expertly and eloquently pans out what it’s like to be a young person in today’s world. Tues 9 June, 7.30pm. Tickets £5/£3 Conc.

Sidekick Comedy at Via

Billed as ‘Your Friendly Neighbourhood Comedy Club’ Kate McCabe’s nerd-friendly stand up show is exactly that. Taking place on the same night as the infamous ‘Beat the Frog’ competition at The Frog and Bucket McCabe has created an evening that’s the very antithesis to the gong format so loved by fans of schadenfreude. This month’s installment has the wonderfully weird Jack Evans, the churlish charms of Brennan Reece and the cherubic Canadian Allyson J. Smith. For just £2 entry it’s even got a friendly price. Mon 29 Jun, 7.30pm. Tickets £2.

Bec Hill at Unity Theatre

Fringe favourite Bec Hill is offering up her latest Edinburgh work in progress show for just a fiver, and you should do what you can to get to it. The antipodean artist is a whizz with a pad and pen, and also damned hilarious. Hill mixes surreal comedy with a childlike wonder, all funneled through felt tips and a flip chart full of ridiculous sketches. Tues 2 June, 7pm. Tickets £5.

Luisa Omielan at The Slaughterhouse

Touring her second show after the stompingly well received ‘What Would Beyonce Do?’ is Luisa Omielan with her sophomore effort ‘Am I Right Ladies?!’. Anyone who’s seen Luisa in action will know full well just how embarrassingly right she is as she lifts the lid on what it is to be a young woman in the 21st century. Frank, forthright and very, very funny, this is a two fingered salute to the kind of ‘Are you beach body ready?’ world that attempts to suffocate women today. Thur 4 Jun, 7pm. Tickets £12.50.

David Sedaris at Echo Arena

American humorist (posh for stand-up) David Sedaris is the darling of NPR in the states and has had massive success with his hugely popular BBC Radio 4 show on this side of the ocean. He also has two sell out Edinburgh Fringe, London and nationwide runs under his belt. So if you’ve not yet checked him out, where the heck have you been? A softly spoken, intelligent take on the art of stand up, Sedaris is a master wordsmith who can make even the most mundane events sound mirthful. Sat 13 June, 7.15pm. Tickets £26.

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