Hofesh Schecter's barbarians: A Trilogy at HOME, preview

Stevie Mackenzie-Smith

Internationally-renowned dance choreographer Hofesh Shecter returns to HOME this month with barbarians: A Trilogy.

For the second time within a year, internationally-renowned choreographer Hofesh Shechter brings work to Manchester’s HOME, which feels like rather a treat. barbarians: A Trilogy (which just happens to be one of the picks in our annual Cultural Calendar) follows the full-on and mesmerising sell-out premiere of tHE bAD back in April 2015, which encompassed a trance of skintight gold lamé-clad dancers thrusting under strobe lights and performing a near endurance test. It’s beautifully done, it should be said, and in parts unapologetic in its aggression.

Shechter’s return to HOME comes at a time when Manchester’s contemporary dance offering is in rude health.

Once again, Shechter (who has said that “contemporary dance is boring”) brings together a trilogy, beginning with his 2014 work The Barbarians In Love, moving onto tHE bAD, and culminating in a moving duet. The three parts each unpick intimacy, passion and the banality of love.

Shechter’s return to HOME comes at a time when Manchester’s contemporary dance offering is in rude health. The Lowry continues to showcase an impressive mix of internationally renowned dance from the likes of DV8 alongside local companies such as Company Chameleon; you just have to be eagle-eyed enough to catch them. Of course, Tree of Codes, very possibly the universal favourite at 2015’s Manchester International Festival left audiences with hairs on end, and enraptured those who might not usually seek out contemporary dance. It’s exciting to see HOME welcome back this internationally-renowned choreographer, to continue to whet the city’s appetite for dance which surprises but rarely conforms to stereotypes.

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