Manchester cinema Valentine's special: Annie Hall at Cornerhouse

Kate Feld

Classic cinema at Cornerhouse, brought to you with a romantic twist.

The cinema is always a popular choice for date night, and this year any film-loving lovers in Manchester should head straight to Cornerhouse. In honour of Valentine’s Day, they’re getting all romantic on us and screening Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s 1977 classic. The Oscar-winning film follows the love story between Alvy Singer, a neurotic Jewish comedian obsessed with his own death in New York (or, you know, Woody Allen essentially playing himself as usual), and kooky, hat-wearing ingénue Annie Hall (played with unforgettable charm by a young Diane Keaton). It’s as much a cinematic love letter to the city of New York as it is a funny and touching story about how people change over time and outgrow their relationships. Woody Allen’s never made a better movie, and that’s saying a lot. If you’ve only caught his, ahem… rather uneven recent output on the big screen, you owe it to yourself to see this and understand why he’s so revered. And if you’re planning on making a date of it, show your Annie Hall ticket in the Cornerhouse café bar and you’ll get a special Valentine’s Day deal on a New York Brownie or a Manhattan Cocktail. Isn’t that sweet?

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