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creativetourist.com is an art and travel site. It began life in Manchester and is expanding across the North; it uncovers the best art and cultural events, and publishes insider guides to some of the UK’s most creative destinations.

Our content. Around 60,000 people read creativetourist.com every month. We cover everything a creative tourist might need for a trip out: features about art, full city guides, previews of festivals, day trips ideas, restaurant reviews, our picks of the best boutiques, and more. We highlight architecture, museums and history; we run guides to everything from where to get a good breakfast to unusual arts venues. All of our content is original. You won’t find it anywhere else.

That’s not all. We don’t just report on what’s happening. We make things happen, too. Alongside our online editorial we publish print guides, such as the Where To Go Manchester guidebook, publish an annual Cultural Calendar for the north, and run events such as the Manchester Weekender and Manchester’s annual Museums at Night events.

Our partners. We think collaboration is more fun than splendid isolation. Our collaborators and friends include The Double Negative, Our Favourite Places, Culture 24, Axisweb, Corridor8, Open Stories, and The Culture Vulture. We also co-founded the Blog North Awards and run the bi-annual North West Writer’s Meet & Greet. We are supported by Arts Council England and the Museums & Galleries Partnership in Manchester.

Advertising policy. We work with advertisers via a mixture of standard display advertising and occasional paid-for posts. These posts are always written independently, but as they are paid for we clearly mark them with a line that reads “sponsored content”. If we have been offered a free meal for review purposes we acknowledge this at the foot of the post. Getting the balance right between commercial income and independent editorial is not always easy, but it’s something we try very hard to get right. Tell us if you don’t think we are.

Our team. This site is run by a small and slightly overworked editorial team; sometimes we can’t respond to all the emails we get as we receive so many. Read more about the editorial team in our Contributors Directory. The site as a whole is part of Creative Tourist Ltd., a communications agency that works on cultural tourism projects across the country. You can read more about that work here.

Opinions, and T&C. The views and opinionsexpressed by authors and contributors to this site are not specifically endorsed by Creative Tourist Limited and do not necessarily reflect the views of our funders or partners. Use of this site assumes acceptance of our full terms and conditions. Please note that all work here belongs to Creative Tourist Limited; please do not copy, duplicate or re-publish our work without our express, written permission; and keep it clean, folks: check our content standards on our terms of use page for acceptable behaviour (which boils down to being nice; trolls beware).

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