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Christina McDermott
Image courtesy of Baltic Bakehouse

Baltic Bakehouse, 46 Bridgewater Street, Liverpool, L1 0AY – Visit Now

This relatively new food outfit knows a thing or two about artisan baking – and there’s not a cupcake in sight.

Liverpool may be known for many a foodie thing but, generally, bread isn’t one of them. For a long time, any Scouser looking for a decent, freshly-baked loaf in the city centre didn’t have many places to go. But with the city experiencing a culinary renaissance (if you don’t believe us, look at the number of restaurant openings of late), it was surely only a matter of time before some plucky bakers decided to provide Liverpudlians with the bread they deserve. Step forward siblings Sam and Grace Henley – the dynamic duo behind Baltic Bakehouse. Despite only opening in 2013, Liverpool’s newest bakery, nestled in the heart of the Baltic Triangle, can claim to produce the best artisan loaves in the city. Its client list speaks for itself; the bakery’s signature sourdough can be found being in some of Liverpool’s most reputable eateries (Bold Street Coffee, Salt House Tapas, Siren). And while you could be forgiven for walking past the rather unassuming looking little shop unit, you do so at your peril. On a typical day, Baltic Bakehouse is completely sold out before closing time and you’ll find yourself queuing to get your hands on some of its baked goodies.

Crackly crusts and ethereally light, fluffy innards means this little bakehouse regularly sells out

But what goodies they are. Delicious bacon butties served up on doorstep-sized wedges of fresh white bread, sublime grilled cheese sandwiches, satisfyingly squidgy chocolate-chip cookies, brisket buns that would be the envy of many an American restaurant, and Baltic Rox”the Henleys’ own spin on the humble sausage roll; bread-wrapped sausages that are made for scoffing with a pint of beer in hand. Then there are the giant, sticky Chelsea buns, freshly baked and glazed with cinnamon sugar, a decadent treat which will have you licking your fingers clean for the rest of the day. And we haven’t even mentioned the bread yet.

Baltic Bakehouse specialises in “real bread” – you won’t find the Chorleywood method here. Instead, think traditional artisan sourdough and yeasted breads, all made with the finest quality Shipton Mill organic flour and available in a variety of flavours. We particularly love the Olive Wild sourdough (great with hummus) and the white tin loaf (which makes some of the best toast we’ve ever tasted). But whatever the loaf, each with crackly crust and ethereally light, fluffy innards, we can guarantee that one slice is not enough. You’ll be hard pressed to stop yourself scoffing the lot in one gloriously greedy gulp. Happily, the bakery has just opened an on-site café, serving excellent coffee (brewed from Has Bean beans) and with free WiFi. So, next time you’re in Liverpool and a carb craving strikes, use your loaf and wander over to Baltic Bakehouse. If you’ll pardon the pun, it’s the best thing to happen to the city’s baking scene since sliced bread.

  • 46 Bridgewater Street
  • Liverpool
  • L1 0AY
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Opening Hours

  • Mon: 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Tue: 9:00am – 5:00pm
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  • Thu: 9:00am – 5:00pm
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  • Sat: 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • Sun: 10:00am – 4:00pm
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