Manchester Gay Tours with Sí Manchester

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Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
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Manchester Gay Tours with Sí Manchester, 11 October–28 December 2019, from £15 - Book now

For those new to the city, what better way to get to know the scene than a guided tour. Sí Manchester are starting Manchester Gay Tours. An evening where the nightlife and the cultural heritage are combined in a boozy guided tour of Manchester’s Gay Village. Along the circuit you’ll visit four bars, the first two of which are arguably historical landmarks, including one that has been featured on the TV show ‘Queer as Folk’. The final bars are described as wild cards, these will change each tour and be tailored to the interests of the group.

Manchester Gay Tours are open to anyone regardless of Gender, sexuality or politics

The history of Manchester’s LGBTQ+ community is a treasure trove of inspirational political acts, artistic movements and an incredible demonstration of a community overcoming unjust authority and legislation. Something that has only grown and developed over the years alongside political attitudes, is the community’s passion for a good party. Manchester’s gay village is now an enclave of personal freedom where everybody has the right to a good night out.

Tours start in a flat in the middle of the village where you’ll begin with some refreshments, that are included in the ticket price, and lighthearted games where you’ll find out which ‘tribe’ you belong to. Manchester Gay Tours are open to anyone regardless of Gender, sexuality or politics, an attitude which is reflected in the village itself.

The tours run every Friday and Saturday from 8 pm but booking is essential, proof of age may also be required as this tour is for over 18s only.


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