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Julia Coulton

Contributor, Manchester
I live in West Didsbury and have lived in Manchester since coming here as a student in the 1980's. The city drew me under its spell and has never let me go really. My favourite cultural venues here are the Royal Exchange, the Deaf Institute, the Whitworth Art Gallery, and Cornerhouse. I started a cultural blog when I lived in Manchester and worked in London as a way to record my cultural exploits and adventures in both. I am now back full time in glorious Manchester so like to blog about my cultural adventures here and beyond. My main passions are gigs, theatre, and cinema, but one of the joys of having a blog is that is makes you explore things you wouldn't otherwise get out and experience - and there is always something exciting and new going on so it's all good.
One of my favourite places? The Castle Hotel - lovely pub and hosts some of the best intimate gigs around.

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